I’ve been switching back and forth between an iPhone and my old Blackberry Torch for the past year. While the iPhone is a lot of fun, I really prefer the Blackberry for business. When it came time to buy a new phone, although I had read some negative press about the Blackberry 9900, I decided to try it out. I’m happy I did since my new Blackberry has been the best I have used so far.

What I Love About the Blackberry 9900

  • The touch screen
  • The keyboard is slightly larger which gives the phone a much better design for people with large thumbs
  • The Blackberry 7 OS is lightning fast!
  • Ultra-light weight at only 160g
  • Ultra-thin
  • Great 5Mpx camera with 4x digital zoom
  • 8GB memory which is expandable up to 32G

Battery Life

One of the major issues people have with the new Blackberry 9900 is the battery life. I use my phone solely for talking and email. I charged the phone Friday night I did not charge it again until Tuesday night! I’m not sure what is expected but in my books the battery is great.


I’ve owned multiple Blackberry’s over the last 8 years on the Rogers network. Whenever I have had any issues, Rogers has been very quick to rectify them. In one instance, I was handed a new phone on the spot.  I have never experienced service like this with any other phone. Working in IT recruiting, I’m tied to my email 24-7. I can’t live without a phone, so this level of customer service is invaluable to me.

Research in Motion is a Top Employer of 2012

According to an employer review, Research in Motion was chosen as one of Waterloo Area’s Top Employers for 2012. With over 12,ooo full-time employees in Canada and over 18,000 full-time employees worldwide, it’s no wonder RIM is one of the most valuable Canadian technology employers.

I’m proud to own a phone created by this Canadian company, and I’m eager to see what RIM has in store for us this year.


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