Add JavaScript to your repertoire and your earnings could soar

Add JavaScript to your repertoire and your earnings could soar

There’s no doubt that scripting languages changed our lives in a profound way. JavaScript is the material the Internet is built with. And now, it’s expanding beyond its traditional role as a Web-based language and seeing new applications.

In this piece by Nolan Wright, CTO of Appcelerator, he argues that JavaScript is growing bigger than a simple browser-based language and entering the important mobile and web server application spheres. He even goes as far as to say it will one day replace old standbys like C, C++ and Java.

That’s quite a bold prediction, and he does make some good points:

  • JavaScript applications can be developed quickly, making it ideal for mobile apps
  • Node.js, JavaScript’s backend incarnation, is seeing tremendous adoption by managed service providers
  • According to an Australian study by SitePoint he cites, JavaScript is the programming language currently in most demand
  • JavaScript is easy to learn, meaning that a new generation of developers and programmers will more readily adopt it as early as high school.

“There are strong odds in favor of JavaScript becoming the dominant language of the enterprise,” he writes. “This isn’t to say every other language will atrophy overnight (they won’t; too many legacy systems count on them) nor that JavaScript is free of issues (no language is).

“But the gigantic efficiencies to be gained by having a lingua franca for the enterprise, especially when that lingua is easily learned and already in wide adoption, makes the case for JavaScript very strong. Even Microsoft has warmed to the JavaScript movement, promoting it to first-class citizenship in Windows 8.”

But let’s talk about the present, where we should be a bit more cautious. Here at home, Stafflink is seeing more demand for Ruby, Objective C and Android developers than it is for JavaScript. That said, there’s no doubt that C and C++ are becoming dated and not the best languages for mobile app development.

If you’re a Canadian software developer or programmer, here’s what you need to know: if you already have JavaScript and you add Python, Objective C or Java experience, you can expect to earn between 50-100% more money than if you have JavaScript alone. As always, being versatile is what gives you the edge in the IT job market.


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