Welcome back! You are well on your way to building a website that is all about the unique blend of skills, talents and experience that you bring to any business that is lucky enough to hire you. In this step you need to check to make sure that your Menus and Reading Settings are properly set up for your theme.

Different Themes May Have Different Settings

Hopefully the theme you are using comes with detailed setup instructions. Make sure to follow along with the specific instructions that the theme creator wrote for your theme when you are setting up your theme.

Adding pages to your site

Here are some basic instructions for adding pages to a WordPress site. The process may be different for the theme you are using.

  1. Log into your WordPress admin dashboard. (Go to http://yourdomain/wp-admin)
  2. To create a new page select Pages > Add new.
  3. Enter the page title.
  4. You’ll be adding content to this page later. But for now you’re just creating a blank page to link to your menu. Click Publish.
  5. Create a Blog page, a Contact page and and an About Me page using the same procedure.
  6. Click Pages to see the results of your work!

Reading Settings

The WordPress Reading Settings determine your Home page and your Blog posts page

Set up the Reading Settings so your Portfolio page is your front page and your Blog page is your posts page

Next you will go to the Reading Settings section of your WordPress Admin panel to tell WordPress which page is the Front page (also known as Home page) of your website that visitors see first, and which page is the Blog posts page where WordPress will display your blog posts


  1. In the vertical menu bar on the left side of your WordPress admin panel, select Settings > Reading.
  2. Select A static pageand then,
    1. Select Portfolio  from the Front page selection box
    2. Select Blog from the Posts page selection box
  3. Click Save changes

 Set Up Your Menus

Use the Menus panel to set up the menus for your website

The WordPress Admin Menus panel where you can set up the menus for your website

  1. In the vertical menu bar on the left side of your WordPress admin panel, select Appearance  > Menus
  2. In the Menu Name box, enter Menu
  3. Click Create Menu
  4. Select (check) Automatically add new top level pages
  5. To choose the pages to include in your menu, scroll down and find the Pages section. Click to select all of your pages and then click Add to Menu.
  6. Now your pages will show in the Menu tab. When you scroll over these pages a cross hatch point will appear. You can drag and drop the pages to rearrange the menu items to display in a different order.
  7. Click Save Menu.
  8. In the Theme Locations section, select Menu from the main selection box. If you want the menu to appear in your footer too, select Menu from the footer selection box.

Now have a look at your site. The menu should appear.

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