With each step of this training series, you are getting closer to building a website to share your expertise and unique approach with people who need to hire someone like you.

Now that you have the basic framework of your website all setup, let’s set up your sidebar with a friendly greeting to say hello and introduce yourself. The sidebar is also a great place to add links to your favorite social media networking sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

When people visit your site, the first thing they will see is your logo. Then their eyes will wander to the next most interesting (and attractive) thing on the page, a picture of you. Most WordPress themes have sidebars and widgets, so it should be fairly easy to figure out how to change the logo and add a personal greeting. Let me know if you have any questions about how to set this up in your theme.

Write Your Sidebar Pitch

It’s time to write your sidebar pitch. Think of it as a friendly greeting to your visitors. You want to reach out and briefly tell people who you are, what you do, and what you can do for them.

Introduce Yourself

Who you are and what you do? Starters:

  • “Hi there. I’m ________. I’m on a mission to ________.”
  • “Hi there. I’m ________. I’m passionate about ________. ”
  • “Hi there. I’m ________.  I design/create/build/solve ________.”
  • “Hi there. I’m ________. I can help your business _______”
Getting ready to save the world

Getting ready to save the world with his super power.

It’s not really about you. It’s about connecting your solution with their problem.

Be specific about what you have to offer that people need. What do you believe in that makes you great at what you do? What’s your super power? Why do you do what you do? What problem do you solve?  What solution do you bring? Why to people need to hire you? What can you accomplish that makes people and businesses more successful?

Insert a Call to Action.

“I’m currently available for new contracts. Call me.”
“If you’re looking for a _________  give me a call.”
“I can help your business __________. Drop me an email.”
“Contact me a free consultation?”

Be positive and upbeat.

Keep the tone light. Communicate how much you love your work. You are the kind person, with the kind of skills, experience and attitude, that people want to hire. After all, you did create this rockin’ e-resume portfolio site. That’s the kind of thing that a creative, motivated and technically savvy person like yourself does. So go ahead and share your superpower with the world!

Get a Photo of  Yourself

A friendly photo or avatar builds trust and makes people feel better about contacting you.

Get a photo. I snapped my photo with a webcam. If you don’t have a webcam, many photo shops will take a digital photo of you and give you the file in JPG format. If you have the photo done professionally try to make it natural and relaxed. Avoid the dated real-estate style headshot. A cartoon-style avatar is fine but some people might wonder if you’re a real person. Wear appropriate clothing for the work you do.

Photo Tips. Pay attention to the lighting. Try to have a light source in front of you while you take the shot. If the main light source is behind you then your picture will be too dark. Pictures taken outdoors often appear more natural and energetic. Pictures shot at your workstation tell a story. People can see you in action and get a preview of what it would be like to work with you. It also gives the impression that you love your work, which makes people want to work with you!

To Upload Your Image to Your WordPress Media Library

  1. Login to your WordPress Dashboard. (Go to your website/wp-admin)
  2. Select Media > Add New > Select Files.
  3. Browse your computer to find the image and then click Upload. The photo will transfer to your Media Library.
  4. Hover over the image and click Edit. The Edit Media tool will open with your image displayed.
  5. Enter a Title and Alternate Text for your image.
  6. Click Save all changes.

Put Your Greeting Text and Personal Image into a Text Widget

WordPress Widget Panel

Use the WordPress Widget Panel to drag and drop widgets to your sidebar

Next I’ll show you how to put an image and a greeting into a widget that will go into your sidebar. Unfortunately this means you need to muck about with some code. Don’t be too concerned if you are not familiar with widgets, HTML and CSS. I’m going to try to help you get through this with some detailed instructions.

What is a Widget?

A widget is a little plugin that allows you to easily add a block of content to an area of your website such at the sidebar.

What is HTML and CSS?

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is a markup language used to build webpages. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is used along with the HTML to define the appearance and layout of text and images. If you want to learn more about HTML and CSS, a good place to start is http://www.w3schools.com/.

Basic HTML Examples

HTML commands usually have an opening and a closing tag. Here are two basic examples:

  • To display bold text, use the <strong></strong> tags. For example: <strong>This text is bold.</strong>. The closing tag always has a forward slash.
  • To insert a hyperlink, use the <a href=” “></a> tag. For example, to add a link to w3schools.com use this markup: <a href=”http://www.w3school, s.com/”>http://www.w3schools.com/</a>
  • To insert a line break, use this tag <br />. To insert an empty line between paragraphs, insert two line breaks like this: <br /><br />

Sample Text Widget Code

Copy the following code snippit. To do so, select all of the text below and press CTRL-C on your keyboard.

<img title="the title of your image goes here" src="Paste your image URL here" alt="type the alternate text for your image here" style="margin-top:7px; margin-right:7px;" width="95" /></a><strong>Hi there.<br /></strong> Introduce yourself here.
<br /><br />
Put your intro text here. What unique solution do you bring? What problem will you solve? What can you accomplish that makes people and businesses more successful? What do you believe that makes you more successful?
<br /><br />
<strong>Put your call to Action here.</strong> Some examples:I’m currently available for new contracts. Contact me a free one hour consultation. I'd love to chat with your about how I can make your organization more successful.

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