Setting up and running a programming blog can be a lot of work, but there are huge career advantages that make it more than worth your trouble. Especially if you’re a technical contractor or if you aspire to become one.

Blogging your programming solutions, tricks and tips is a great way to add value to your professional community. It’s also a way to catalog code snippets, work-arounds and troubleshooting tips you come across in your day-to-day work. Which saves time the next time you come across the issue. This will be greatly appreciated by other people who are struggling the  issues you already solved and find the solution documented in your blog.

Getting your programming blog started

If you want to set up a programming blog, all you need is a live internet connection and a willingness to share some of your amazing programming tricks with the world!

You don’t need to be a graphic designer or web developer because it’s easy to set up a blog for free on You don’t even need a web domain or a web design skills because platform comes with 180+ of high quality free templates and some very cool plugins. It includes a free domain name and web hosting, although you can pay extra to use your own domain if you choose.

Is it wise to publish  your programming secrets?

Don’t share all of your secrets but can be good for your career if you share some of them. People will use your code and they will share it with others. Some of the people who read your programming tips make be looking hire someone with your skills.

Here are a few more good reason to share your discoveries:

  • Get found and get hired by technical recruiters like us (we’ll find you with Boolean searches)
  • Give back to your programming community
  • Prove that you know your stuff
  • Gain some programming karma points…what goes around comes around

Get Found…Get Hired

Want to see a real-life example of what I’m talking about?

Man holding up an applause sigin

WordPress Rocks!

Check out the blog of Anatoly Spektor from Toronto, Ontario at

He created his blog portfolio site with the Bueno theme.

I found it with this search string on Google:

inurl:blog (“x++” AND toronto)

The “inurl:” search syntax is a little recruiting trick we use to find local tech talent. X++ is a niche programming skill we’re recruiting for right now. It’s not easy to find local programmers with this skill.

You can have a cool programming blog like this too

Spektor uses the Bueno theme for his blog. The Bueno theme is:

  • Free from
  • Created by Woo Themes, one of the most successful theme foundries out there
  • One of the most popular theme on

It’s Content That Sets Your Blog Apart

Don’t be concerned that your blog will look like a million other blogs. Content is king! A million blogs may use a similar design and layout, but your blog is unique because it has different images and your original articles. The most important thing is to get your site started because your  “you dot com” site will help you attract the kind of people who need to hire people like you.

If you have a blog-portfolio website let me know. I’d love to check it out.

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