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Are you ready to talk to recruiters?

So you're looking for a job. You updated your resume and LinkedIn profile. But are you ready to talk to recruiters? Chances are when a recruiter finds you online and thinks you have potential for a job, they'll give you a call to ask you a few questions. As a tech...

Top programming languages to get a job in Toronto in 2018

A question that's top of mind for programmers, developers and software engineers: Which programming language should I learn next to get a job in Toronto? I'm trying to choose a computer programming course and I was wondering if you could steer me in the right...

Simple improv techniques to improve your communication skills

What's the most important qualification for any job, the key ingredient of every strong team and the one skill that is indispensable to employers? Communication skills, of course. Also known as, soft skills, social skills, conversation skills. Every conversation is an...

Cashing in: Top IT salaries in Canada

It's that time again. If you're an IT programmer looking for a job in Canada, read on for the latest figures on what some of the top IT salaries are. Mobile, artificial intelligence and machine learning are where it's at In general, the hot stuff and emerging...

Introduce Yourself with a Personal Tagline

You’re at a meet-up and someone asks, “So, what do you do?” Well you came to the right place because my mission is to help you come up with the perfect answer to that question. Your own personal tagline — a short and sweet sound bite that says what you do and why you...

Making Toronto a Global Leader in Artificial Intelligence

Did you hear about the guy who left an executive role at Facebook in Silicon Valley to start up an artificial intelligence company right here in Toronto? That guy is Steve Irvine. He's betting that Toronto is the best place in the world to create a hub for the biggest...

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