Boolean Search Secrets Ebook

Boolean Search Secrets For Becoming a Sourcing Superhero

Our brand new, updated and improved Boolean Search Secrets ebook is finally here! Get our latest and greatest tips for recruiting those difficult-to-find candidates.

If you’re looking to hire people with highly in-demand skills — like mobile developers, big data engineers or UX designers — you know how hard it is to find these people.

If you post one of these jobs, you’ll get exactly zero applications from people in the right location with the skills and experience you need.

If you search for these people on LinkedIn you’ll be out of luck because they’re already working, and they’ve probably already been contacted by twenty other recruiters.

So what ‘s the solution?

You’ve gotta go off the beaten track, to the places where these professionals hang out with their peers, post their work and troubleshoot.

Find out how our recruiters at Stafflink jump over the barriers and get in touch with these hidden candidates.

Get our Boolean Search Secrets for Becoming a Sourcing Superhero Ebook

  • Learn the latest best practices for writing Boolean search strings for recruiting
  • Learn how to source candidates through blogs, portfolios, Github and Youtube
  • Find out about an awesome free recruiting tool that writes search strings for you to search LinkedIn, Twitter, Github and Stackoverflow
Tim Collins, Founder and Chief IT Recruiter, Stafflink Solutions

Tim Collins, Stafflink Founder and Chief IT Recruiter

We’re here to help you hire mobile developers, software engineers and other IT staff

I’m Tim Collins and I’m here to connect you with the technology specialists you’re looking for. You can reach me at 416-364-2300 or email

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