Your superpower will save the day

Busting out of a phone booth to save the world

You’re awesome. Obviously. Otherwise you wouldn’t be creating this e-resume portfolio site. Seriously. With this site you are offering something that’s way above and beyond what most job seekers have to offer.

But how do you communicate all of that awesomeness on your About Me page without being totally obnoxious?

Your About Me page is NOT about you…

It is really about your reader. The purpose of your site is to strengthen your reputation as an expert and maybe even convince someone to hire you. So it’s not really about you. It’s really about the visitor to your site and how you can help them.

To keep them reading, express a clear benefit for your reader .

What problem can you help them solve? How can you make them look good? Will you make them more successful?  This is where you grab their attention.

Real-Life Examples

Here’s a Plan

It’s worth putting lots of work into your about me page because it will probably be the most visited page on your site, after the homepage. Here are three things you want to acheive:

  1. Propose your solution. State your mission. Communicate what you do and why you do it better. What do you believe that makes your work extraordinary. For example, “I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to work to their highest potential. That’s why I teach people how to create e-resume portfolio websites that express their true value to employers.”
  2. Build trust by proving that you authentically have the power to deliver on that promise.
  3. Invite people to contact you.

Your SuperPower

Your superpower is what makes you irreplaceable.

“When you meet someone you need to have a superpower. If you don’t, you’re just another handshake.”  Seth Godin, Linchpin,

“If you want to be a linchpin, the power you bring to the table has to be very difficult to replace. Be bolder and think bigger. Nothing stopping you.” Seth Godin, Linchpin,

Your superpower comes from the heart. It’s the reason people want to work with you. So display your superpower like Superman busting out of a phone booth to save the world.

Build Trust

Here are a few things you could add to your About Me page that will help you build trust with your visitors:

  • Describe what you believe in that makes your work better than expected. For example, I start my own About Me page with this paragraph: “I believe that everyone has gifts that they need to share with the world. My mission is to help people find job opportunities where they can use their gifts.”
  • Add testimonials from past employers and co-workers
  • Provide links to projects, articles, photographs, videos, books that you’ve been involved with
  • Your education, jobs and experience
  • Describe your accomplishments. Use numbers. Examples, “Managed a team of 8 people. Increase sales by 13%.  Consistently acheived targets for 7 consecutive months. Decreased bounce rate by 34% over a 5 month period.”
If you want a few more tips, here’s a great post from Darren Rowse at

People Don’t Buy What You Do; People Buy Why You Do It

That’s a quote by Simon Sinek. Watch this video, if you want some inspiration before you write your “About Me” page:

How to Publish Your About Me Page

Enough inspiration already! Now it’s time to get your About Me page published.

Way back in Step 6: Set up Your Menu and Reading Settings, you created your About Me page. Now all you have to do is add the content.

In this video I explain the difference between WordPress Pages and Posts, I show you how to use the WordPress text editor to format your About Me Page with bold text, headings and hyperlinks.

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