Use your Twitter account to get notited by IT recruiters

You can use Twitter to find a job! (Image care of Gopal Raju)

Being a newcomer to IT recruiting, these past months I’ve had to overcome a large learning curve with social media tools, Twitter being one of them. I had an understanding of Twitter before starting at Stafflink but I never realized the power and influence it has in the technology community. It’s amazing to me that news can break out over Twitter first before actually being published by a news broadcasting company.

While using Twitter for recruiting, I have come to see the great potential it has for job seekers as well.  There are thousands of jobs posted on Twitter everyday and I do not think enough job seekers are aware of this.

Finding a Job on Twitter

  1. Search Twitter for jobs using hash tags. I never realized how many jobs you can find by simply doing a search such as #Toronto and #ITjobs. So get creative and do as many unique searches as you can to see what potential employment is out there.
  2. Follow companies of interest. Many companies will tweet their jobs before posting them on onto an external website. This will allow you to have the upper hand over other job seekers if you apply as soon as a position is Tweeted out into the Twitter world.
  3. Follow recruiting companies that specialize in your area of employment. Many jobs are sent directly to recruiting firms and are tweeted out by them, so try to follow as many as you in can in your field of employment.
  4. Brand yourself with a key tagline. Companies get an immediate impression of you from your tagline so make sure it is as dynamic and descriptive as possible.
  5. Put keywords related to your skills in your profile. This will help recruiters find you when they are looking for job candidates with your skillset.
  6. Link to your blog-portfolio website. If you have a personal website related to your career make sure to link to it from your profile.
  7. Share tips and news related to your field. Show that you are interested in your career field by tweeting out recent articles, how-tos and facts that are applicable to the industry. This will help to boost your personal branding and also is very impressive to potential employers.

If you have any more tweeting tips for finding a job on Twitter, feel free to tweet them to me @stafflinkit!


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