If you’re a recent grad on the hunt for your first job, you might not have the resources to build your own website at the moment. Luckily, there is a site called About.me where you can create your own personal profile page for free. About.me lets you point potential employers to a personal bio page featuring links to all of your social media accounts and projects you’ve worked on from all over the web in one convenient spot.

Started in October 2009, About.me is a free personal web hosting service. Highly customizable and super easy to use, About.me allows you to create a webpage all about yourself, in minutes.

How to Make an About.me Page

Write up a short bio, upload a picture of yourself to use as the background, link to any websites or projects you’ve worked on online, and lastly, add links to your social media profiles including:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Flickr
  • Youtube
  • Tumblr

It’s that easy!

Once you’ve registered you’ll have your own URL to put on your resume for potential employees to view. You can use your webpage as a business card, online CV, or just for fun. If you like, for the cost of shipping, you can also get business cards made up to match your profile page from another wonderful company called Moo (We featured them in a blog post here).

A Few Examples of About.me Pages


If you are going to use about.me for professional purposes, make sure the photo you use on your profile image is appropriate. Also, if you are linking to Facebook, Twitter, etc. make sure the content and photos you upload there are appropriate for any employees to view as well.

Have you created a webpage on About.me? Has it helped you find a job? Let me know and I might feature your profile in an upcoming blog post.


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