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It’s terrible but true. RIM is laying off up to 3000 people this month. The only good that can possibly come out of this is that RIM is freeing up a whole bunch of extremely talented people to be available to work for the rest of us.

Mobile technology is hot and getting hotter. There is a shortage of mobile developers on the job market. So the layoffs at RIM have the potential to bring some innovation and a fresh perspective to companies looking for technical people who can hit the ground running.

Not to mention the positive and lasting impact  of RIM on the Waterloo region and our entire economy by creating a technology hub and many thousands of jobs.

[blockquote align=”none” cite=”Mike Kirkup, Former RIM Employee currently with University of Waterloo”]There are some incredibly creatively and talented people at RIM. They’ve been solving very difficult mobile-focussed problems, which is an incredibly hot market right now. So a lot of the employees that are employed at RIM right now would be incredibly desirable employees at just about any company. Whether that’s Blackberry specific technology or the fact that they could learn new languages and new technologies to be able to translate those skills.[/blockquote]

Next Steps After Getting Laid Off

  1. Take a vacation to de-stress and make a plan.
  2. Prepare a 30 second “elevator speech” to tell people what you did at RIM and why that makes you the perfect person to solve a particular kind of problem.
  3. When you interview for new jobs, say only positive things about your former employer! Very important!
  4. Mention that you are a former RIM employee in your online applications.
  5. Be prepared to answer questions about RIM and the layoffs. You’ll want to talk about the positive things you’re taking away from your former employer and your belief that BB10 will be awesome.
  6. Take a course to keep your skills super sharp. Why not take a free university course – it shows that you’re still keen to learn.

Bonus Next Steps for Turbo-Charged Job Networking

  1. Put together an online portfolio documenting your amazing work at RIM.
  2. Start a blog and post articles about the awesome stuff you learned while working for RIM.
  3. Create or join a Facebook fan page dedicated to former employees of RIM. Add a resumes tab where people can post their resumes.
  4. Invite the people on the RIM Facebook page to meetup to brainstorm business ideas. Organize a camp to prototype of some of those ideas.
  5. Network on LinkedIN. Join groups related to your field. Link to blog posts. Participate in discussions relevant to your work. Apply to jobs posted on LinkedIN.

What are your next steps after getting laid off?

I wish all former RIM employees the very best as you begin the next chapter in your amazing career!

  • Please check out our job list to see if we have anything that interests you.
  • timc@stafflink.caAdd a Tooltip Text. Make sure to mention that you’re a former RIM employee in the subject line. I’ll make sure you get considered for those hidden jobs that never get posted.

Reaction to Layoffs from a Former RIM Employee

Need more inspiration. Mike Kirkup, a former RIM employee who now works for University of Waterloo, speaks about RIM, their current issues and what it all means to the Waterloo community.

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