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Tim Collins, CEO of Staffflink, was interviewed by Brain Bloom of ITWorld Canada in an article titled, Immigrant IT pros face tough slog in job market.

The interview touches on the tough climate new immigrants face when it comes to landing their first job in Canada. While some IT skills are in short supply, many new immigrants come to Canada unaware of the importance of Canadian experience, and are then forced to take lower paying jobs in fields completely unrelated to their education. The demand for Canadian experience seems to be a tough point for many immigrants to overcome.

In the interview, Tim Collins offers advice for newcomers to Canada that are facing the sticky issue of Canadian job experience. Sometimes job-seekers wind up so frustrated that they give up and go home. To address this problem, Collins urges new immigrants to get their international experience and education assessed and recommends CES as a great resource for newcomers to Canada.

Collins also mentions that, “Being bilingual can he very helpful.”  Newcomers can increase their chances of finding a job by emphasizing their language skills of both official languages. While English is a basic requirement for most jobs, knowing French can also be a very useful skill to have on a resume.

As an IT staffing company located in Toronto, we urge you as a newcomer to Canada not to lose hope. We have worked with many new immigrants and helped them land their first jobs in IT, right here in Toronto, Mississauga, and other spots in the Greater Toronto area. Yes, it’s tough and it’ll take a lot of time and patience, but it is possible.

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