We love supporting causes that are important to our staff. Yesterday we rustled up some golf clubs and met at ClubLink’s Station Creek Golf Course to support Bereaved Families of Ontario-York Region. They offer free access to caring and compassionate bereavement support services to families, groups and individuals grieving the death of a family member. Our own Michelle De Rubeis, famous for her Boolean Search Secrets, is a former employee of Bereaved Families.

Stafflink Team at the Forget Me Not Tournament

Ryan, Laura, Emily, Michelle, Rick, Neil, Tim and Joanne "Drive the Marshmallow"

We signed up  to support a great cause. But our not-so-secret secret ulterior motive was to get a day off work to have fun in the sun.

It doesn't matter how well you golf as long as you look the part!

Love the kneesocks Ryan! Clearly fashion is the key to great golfing.

We are not all serious golfers which made the tournament twice as fun for some of us and incredibly annoying for others.

Quote of the day from Ryan, “It doesn’t matter how well you golf as long as you look the part.” Then he proved that sporting kneesocks will dramatically increase the distance and accuracy of your drives.

It was Emily’s first time golfing. But when Neil coached her to aim for the 150 yard marker, her ball landed two centimeters from the post.

Neil Wiseblott is the defending champion of the “Drive the Marshmallow” contest from last year’s tournament. He was on fire today. According to Tim, he was driving 300 yards consistently. He actually had the longest marshmallow drive of the day, but it was stolen from him because it was his second try so it didn’t count :-(. Earlier in the day Neil was an close contender for the Longest Drive of the day but his ball landed in the rough.

Hoping that Neil doesn’t quit his day job as an IT recruiter to become a pro-golfer!

Joanne's perfect golf swing with caddie Rick looking on

Joanne's perfect golf swing with caddie Rick looking on

I had the good fortune of being in a less serious foursome with Ryan, Joanne and Rick. Ryan and Rick are great golfers but they are even greater practical jokers. Like when Rick placed an orange pylon on a bridge and tricked Tim, Michelle, Neil and Emily in to taking a detour because they thought the bridge was closed. Even though they watched us ride our carts over that same the bridge a few seconds earlier. 😛

But that’s not all. I wish so much that I had a shot of Ryan straddling two driving two golf carts and driving them both at the same time.

Anyone that reads this post will definitely take us off of their golf invite list. But that won’t stop us from wreaking havoc on the ski hills again next winter at the CPA Ski Day at Craigleith.

#ILoveMyJob !!!

Thanks so much to the amazing people at Bereaved Families – York Region (www.bfoyr.com) for giving us a chance to spend a wonderful day together supporting a very important cause.

– Laura Upcott



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