Bunny sitting on a pile of papers

Time to sort through that pile of papers beside your computer!

Spring has sprung! Suddenly I have the urge to put things in order, including my career.

Is New Years Day really the best time to make resolutions for self improvement? The dead of winter may be a good time to cocoon and to analyze where you are and where you want to go. But April  feels like the best time to go on a diet or revamp your career.

Now is the Time to Reinvent Yourself 
Hidden potential is being realized everywhere we look. Trees covered with buds, bulbs peaking up through the dirt, playgrounds coming to life.

Spring just feels like the right time to uncover your own hidden potential. To reinvent yourself and shake things up with a new haircut or even a new career path.

6 Ways to Spring Clean Your Career

Cleaning the laptop screen with the bunny

Easter Bunny is cleaning up the laptop screen.

  1. Get rid of that annoying pile of papers that’s been collecting beside your computer (and mine) all winter.
  2. Learn a new skill. What skills do you want to add to your repetoire? Last week I took the Ruby for Beginners course at Ladies Learning Code. Loved it ! Next I’m going to polish up my PHP skills with some webinars at webdesign.com.
  3. Wardrobe refresh. Time to put away those boring old winter clothes and break out the spring wardrobe. Why not take a stroll around the Eaton Centre with a couple of friends and pick up some fresh spring clothes.
  4. Reconnect with some of those friends and contacts I’ve been neglecting! Perfect time for lunch on a patio.
  5. Get in shape. And get some Vitamin D while you’re at it. I signed up for  5 K run/walk at the end of the month. I want to start cycling again too.
  6. Declutter your project list. I need to look at all of the projects I’m involved with right now and reprioritise. Maybe I can let something go to make room for some fun new stuff.

What’s growing inside of you that wants to be nurtured?

What to you plan to do this month to revitalize your career?

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