Startup Valentine for Apple from App Sumo

Your special someone will be thrilled to receive this Valentine!

Valentine’s Day is upon us and love is in the air. I’m not talking about the rom-com kind of love. I’m talking about the passion people feel for their mobile devices.

That overwhelming feeling of love you get when you walk into an Apple Store and you’re surrounded by some of the coolest fastest hottest hardware on the planet. And you are approached by an Apple Genius who knows exactly what you need. And you have money burning a hole in your pocket. Yes!

That’s the perfect Valentine’s Day in my fantasy world. So I just have to brighten up your Valentine’s Day by sharing some geeky Valentines that landed in my inbox and will be sure to delight the love of your life.

I recommended giving these Valentines to everyone in your office. Anonymously for sure. But it will be fun to know that you secretly put a flutter in the heart of everyone you work with.

Geeky Valentines Pick Up Lines to Memorize

  • You’re the Apple of my i
  • Make me your +1
  • You know what’s cool? You.
  • You make my heart Twitter
  • How about a Quickster?

I don’t see how these lines could fail to impress that super smart geek you have a crush on. Let me know how it goes :-)

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You gotta love these geeky Valentines from App Sumo!

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