If you’ve ever wondered if exaggerating a  a little bit on your resume or telling a tiny white lie might put you ahead in the job market, think again. Learn from Scott Thompson, the now ex-CEO of Yahoo who was let go for this very reason. Be warned: Nothing good can come from lying on a resume. Somehow the truth always has a way of coming out.

Scott Thompson was let go due to a false education degree on his resume. He had received a Bachelors of Science in Accounting from Stonehill College and also had stated that he had received a Computer Science degree as well. However, at the time Scott Thompson completed his degree, Stonehill College only offered one computer science course at the university and the Computer Science Degree was not even offered yet. Thompson had led several other previous employers to believe he held these degrees as well. All of the backlash of this offense caused him to resign from his title of CEO four days ago.

Although Thompson has received much media scrutiny for this inaccuracy, he is just one of many who have made this same mistake.

Common Things People Lie About On Their Resumes

According to a recent study conducted by Forbes.com, the four most common things people lie about on resumes are:

  1. Employment dates
  2. Skills
  3. Job titles
  4. Education

The study also found that at least 40% of people have admitted to lying once on their resume at some point in their life.

Would You Lie On Your Resume?

It is understandable that people desperate for a job may think that embellishing their resume a bit would work to their benefit. However, with background checks and current social media technology that can offer a look into one’s past-life, the cost of this act is much greater than the gains.

You might want to take a moment to read over your resume and check to see if you have embellished any of these common resume lies. In the end, you are doing yourself a favour by upholding both your workplace’s and your own reputation by being nothing but honest regarding all aspects of your employment history.

Would you lie on your resume?

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