Top three favourite social search engines for IT recruiting: Samepoint, Bing and Topsy

Michelle’s top 3 favourite social search engines for IT recruiting

I will be the first to admit to anyone that I am a Google addict.  About 35% of my work day is spent conducting searches using Google. Whether it is for conducting Boolean searches for IT talent, looking up acronyms or researching new technologies – Google has always been there to lend a helping hand. However, I must admit… Recently, I have been “cheating” on Google. I’ve been spending less time with my trusted search engine and spending more time doing social searches with a few new fabulous sites. Why, you so cleverly ask?

Google is not instantaneous but social media is. Something tweeted today at 9:00am is old news tomorrow. In addition, Google only searches 65% of the live Internet and the only instantaneous portion is the News section. At its fastest Google takes approximately three days for information to be swept and searched.  If I am conducting searches for social media sites (Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Blogger, Reddit, etc,.) I want real-time results! I want in on the trends of today! So what is my solution? Social search engines!

These are my top three favourite social search engines:

1)      Samepoint –

Samepoint is a real-time social media focused search engine. It is a free engine but does require you to sign up (you can simply link it through your twitter, Gmail or Yahoo account – it takes five seconds). Samepoint allows you to pick search various categories including; Social Mentions on the Web, Real-Time Live Analytics, Top Topics/Brand Search and Blog searches.

2)      Topsy –

Topsy is very similar to Samepoint but it allows you to sort results by date AND time. In addition, topsy is free and doesn’t require you to sign up. You can search Links, Tweets, Photos, Videos, Experts and Trending. In addition, in the advanced search area you can search within a Twitter user, a site or domain and by date or relevance.

3)      Bing Social –

Bing has beat Google to the punch by allowing for social searches in real-time.  Here you can search by trending topics and public updates for that topic. Another plus is that it is free and requires no sign-up time!

Try these out and let me know how they are working for you. Google will always hold an important space in my toolkit of recruitment tricks – but it is fun to add some new shiny gadgets once in a while!


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