Today I want to tell you about a very cool little search engine called DuckDuckGo.

Here are three big advantages of searching with DuckDuckGo versus Google:

  1. DuckDuckGo is famous for protecting their user’s privacy. They don’t track you. Unlike Google where they serve up results based on your past searches. Which means DuckDuckGo may show you results that you won’t see on Google.
  2. No ads to clutter up your search results.
  3. They invented the !Bang search so you can easily x-ray search other search engines.

Using the !Bang x-ray search

DuckDuckGo invented the “!Bang” search as a quick and easy way to x-ray search your favorite sites.

It’s easy. You don’t need any fancy Boolean commands. Just put an exclamation mark (!) before the the name of the site you want to search and your keywords.

For example…

Let’s say you you’re looking for Toronto Java developers on Linkedin.

Make sure that you’re logged into your Linkedin account. Then go to and enter “!linkedin java developer toronto” into the box.

You can use the !Bang search with thousands of sites including these and many many more:

  • Google: !google
  • Github: !github
  • Facebook: !fb
  • Youtube: !yt
  • Google Images: !gi
  • Pinterest: !pinterest
  • Reddit: !reddit

To Search for Jobs:

  • CareerBuilder: !careerbuilder
  • Indeed: !indeed
  • Monster: !monster
  • Simply Hired: !simplyhired

See the full list of Bang search shortcuts

Try it out. I think you’ll find that you get better search results thanks to the clean interface, the extra privacy and the !Bang search.

Happy Hunting!

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