Boolean Search Ebook - Secrets for Becoming a Sourcing Superhero

Our Boolean Search Ebook includes a Boolean Search Strings Cheat Sheet

Boolean Search Secrets for Becoming a Sourcing Superhero teaches you the latest Boolean search tips for sourcing difficult-to-find IT talent.

These tips can be used by any recruiter, but it’s especially helpful if you’re looking for people with highly in-demand skills.

Here’s what you’ll learn in our Boolean search ebook:

When you first read the list of topics it may look a bit like gobbledygook. But don’t worry. The Boolean Search ebook is easy to read because each section has simple instructions, pictures and real-life examples. You’ll be building Boolean search strings right away!

  1. Google Site Search Syntax
  2. How to clean up your search results so you can find more resumes
  3. Using the Inurl  and Filetype Syntax for targeting resumes and CVs
  4. Sourcing job candidates through blogs, Twitter, Github and Youtube.
  5. A free recruiting app that write search strings for you

Bonus: You even get a Boolean Search Cheat Sheet at the end of the ebook!

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