Documents to Go is an essential app for mobile recruiting

Documents to Go lets you use your smart phone to work with resumes that are in Word and PDF format.

The life of an IT recruiter involves running from client meetings to candidate interviews and working late nights to find the perfect candidate for that mission critical project set to start next week.

In other words, recruiters are always on the go and we are always connected with whatever mobile device we happen to have handy.  And we often need to open resumes while we’re away from the office. This is why the Documents to Go app is one of my favourite mobile recruiting apps!

Documents to Go is  a document storage and editing application which essentially allows you to take your office on the road, which is what mobile recruiting is all about.

Documents to Go allows you to view, edit and create Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint documents, and PDFs, all from their mobile phone or tablet device.

  • Need to edit a candidate’s resume to fix a typo while you’re on the train? This is your app!
  • Want to fix up that PowerPoint for your client presentation 5 minutes before the meeting? This is your app!
  • Need to move a document from your smartphone to your PC or Mac? You guessed it.

The best part about this app? It has a desktop application that provides 2-way file synchronization between your mobile device and your computer. Any changes you make to a file will be merged with your personal computer upon synchronization. All of your files on Documents to Go can be transferred between your phone and desktop computer through attachments to Gmail messages, Microsoft Exchange or synchronization.

Documents to Go is available on Android, iPhone and iPads.

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