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Are you managing a mobile development project, but you’re having trouble hiring mobile app developers? Do your mobile developer job posts get little to no response, and the few that do apply are not qualified?

You’re not alone. The reality is that the demand for experienced local mobile developers far exceeds the supply because most experienced mobile developers are already working and not actively looking for new job opportunities.

Don’t give up. With a few adjustments to the job description and your recruiting strategy, you can greatly improve your access to qualified mobile developers.

Root Cause of the Talent Gap

Technology is changing so fast that it’s literally impossible for anyone to keep up. Naturally, you are interested in hiring mobile app developers who are on top of the trends.

Finding the perfect mobile developer is as easy as finding a unicorn.

Mobile developers with iOS, Android and HTML5 are as easy to find as unicorns

You’re not asking for much. You probably want them to:

  • Build mobile apps that run beautifully on all of the devices that your target market is using.
  • Have experience with creating native apps for iOS and Android, and HTML5 for web apps.
  • Design the frontend UI
  • Code the backend
  • Oversee the testing
  • Provide support to the end user
  • Excellent verbal communication skills to explain the technical aspects of their work in plain English for non-techies

Finding someone who meets all of those requirements and is looking for a job, is kind of like searching for a unicorn.

But don’t give up. I’m going to share some techniques companies use to overcome the talent gap.

Recruitment Strategy to Find Mobile Developers

If you put all of the items that I listed above, you will get zero job applicants that meet your qualifications. Here’s a recruitment strategy that will enable you to source and hire the mobile developers that your team really needs:

Increase the Size of Your Talent Pool by Rewriting the Job Description

  1. Determine the Essential Job Requirements: Loosen up your job requirements list a bit and you will greatly increase the size of your talent pool. Only require a few items that you really need.
  2. Offer on-the-job training: Figure out which skills people can learn one-the-job. Mention that you are willing to train the person who meets most of your requirements.
  3. Rename your “Requirements” section to “Preferred skills and experience”
  4. Job Description Intro: Describe the benefits of joining your team. Why would a top mobile programmer want to work for you? Perks like flexible work hours, opportunity to work from home, and free training, are very attractive to developers.
  5. Whittle your job description down to the essential skills and experience. For example, you could say thät “Experience developing apps for more than one platform – ideally iOs, and Android – is preferred.”
  6. Be reasonable: If you want someone who can do both front end design and backend coding, decide which of these two are more important to you. State one as a required skill and say that experience with the other is preferred.

Recruit outside-the-box

  • Boolean Search Techniques: We find many of our best candidates by mining the Web for candidates that you can’t find on job boards. Here’s a resource page with some of our Boolean Search Secrets.
  • Get Help: Work with a staffing company like us that specializes in sourcing mobile developers
  • Github – a collaborative community of open source developers and a goldmine of talent. You could join the community by putting one of your projects on Github. You can also post your jobs on Github.
  • Mine LinkedIn Groups: Join the LinkedIn groups where mobile developers hang out. For example: Mobile Mondays.
  • Referrals: Whenever you hire or meet a mobile developer that you like, be sure to nurture that relationship. You may not succeed in hiring this person right now. But you want to stay in touch with them Overtime this person may end up working for you or they might refer some of their friends.
  • Sponsor or host a hackathon – a great way to spot developers with potential.
Tim Collins, Founder and Chief IT Recruiter, Stafflink Solutions

Tim Collins, Stafflink Founder and Chief IT Recruiter

Looking to hire mobile developers?

I’m Tim Collins and I’ve been place mobile developers since the beginning of the mobile revolution. You can reach me at 416-364-2300 or email

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