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Search It All is kind of like the Stone Henge of mobile metasearch apps. (Image from – the website of the developer of Search It All – Free metasearch mobile app)

It’s that time again – Mobile Recruiting App Friday! This week I am very excited to tell you about a great mobile application that allows you to do real time search while you’re on the go.

As recruiters, our time is extremely valuable. Every second we don’t spend sourcing is time that we can be missing out on great candidates. Search It All  – Free, a mobile application created by James Graham, will help solve this problem.

Search It All is a Metasearch Engine. That means you can use to simultaneously search a whole bunch of search engines – Google, Google News, Digg, Bing, YouTube,, DuckDuckGo and many more – all at the same time! (If you want to know more about Metasearch Engines, read my post Metasearch Engines: Boolean Search Strings Part 6.)

To use Search It All for recruiting, just type in your favourite Boolean search string and Search It All – Free will deliver your results amalgamated and/or organized for you based on each individual search engine.  You do need to make sure that the syntax of your search string is compatible with all search engines.  You can find lots of information about Boolean search strings for IT recruiting on our Boolean Search Secrets for Recruiter page.

Search It All is my personal favourite app to use during long train commutes home or while waiting for a meeting.  You can search as many or as few search engines as you would like.

It amazing that this app is free! Who doesn’t like free stuff? Unfortunately it’s only available for iPhones and iPads. Use a Blackberry or an Android? Come back next week and I’ll tell you about another Metasearch Mobile App that was made just for you!

Download page: You can download Search It All -Free from iTunes –

Aside:  James Graham, the creator of this app, has the coolest web developer website I’ve ever seen! Check it out if you have a hankering to visit Stone Henge but you don’t want to pay for air fare to fly there –  How does he do that?

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