Internet Explorer 10 (IE 10)

IE 10 is a huge upgrade that’s worth the temporary inconvenience

If you turned on your Windows 7 computer this morning and suddenly websites are broken that worked fine yesterday, chances are that Windows auto-upgraded your computer to Internet Explorer 10. Microsoft is currently auto-updating Windows 7 users to Internet Explorer 10. It’s a huge improvement over older versions of Explorer. But it’s causing a few incompatibility issues with software that we use everyday.

It happened to my colleague Ryan Ayres who was juggling candidates, clients and job orders when suddenly our applicant tracking system (Bullhorn) crashed. Bullhorn tech support told Ryan that they don’t support Explorer 10 yet. But Ryan persisted and they fixed it. Long story short – make sure that you are viewing Bullhorn at 100% if you’re using IE 10.

IE 10 Solutions are popping up just as fast as the problems

Explorer 10 compatibility issues with LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter have been reported on Twitter. But I’m sure that this is just a temporary bump on the road to a much better internet experience for IE users because solutions are popping up just as fast as the problems. If you push through the problems with IE 10 and wait just a little bit for the patches and updates, you will end up with a faster, more beautiful and functional web browsing experience.

Video: Internet Explorer 10 – Child of the 90s

This funny 1:41 minute video shows why the IE 10 growing pains are worth your trouble. If nothing else, it will make you laugh.

Find out which version of Explorer you have

You may have Windows 10 already and not even know it. Most of the changes are under-the-hood which is why IE 10 looks almost identical to IE 7, 8 and 9. To find out which version of Internet Explorer (IE) you have:

  1. Open Internet Explorer.
  2. Click the Tools button (or click Help in the Menu bar), and then click About Internet Explorer.
  3. A window pops with the version of Internet Explorer that is currently installed on your system.

Advantages of Internet Explorer 10

IE 10 is a huge improvement over all earlier versions of Internet Explorer:

  • Faster browsing. Loads pages at least 20% faster than IE 9
  • Improved battery life on your laptop.
  • Better support for HTML5 and CSS3 support which gives you access to effects and improvements that you don’t have access to with earlier versions of IE
  • Improved security and privacy features like location bar autocomplete and an on-by-default Do Not Track header

Strategies for dealing with Internet Explorer 10/Windows 7 issues

You’ve got IE 10 and you’re having problems. Now what?

If you’re lucky enough to work for a company that has an IT support department, check with them first. If you are not so lucky, here are some strategies to try while you’re waiting for the patches and updates to kick in.

Internet Explorer 10 (IE 10) Compatibility Button

Look for the Compatibility View button in the address bar of IE 10

  1. Turn on compatibility mode. If IE 9 is incompatible with a website it will display a little Compatibility View symbol in the address bar. Click it and IE 10 will switch to IE 9 mode. To force a webpage you are viewing in Internet Explorer 10 into a particular document compatibility mode, first open F12 Tools by pressing the F12 key. Then, on the Browser Mode menu, click Internet Explorer 10, and on the Document Mode menu, click Standards.
  2. Try a different browser. Install Firefox, Chrome or Safari. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn because the website may work fine in these browsers.
  3. Search for an answer in the support section of the website that you are having an issue with. Chances are that many people are having exactly the same problem that you are having and a solution has been posted.
  4. Last resort – downgrade to IE 9 until the dust settles. Easier said than done. If you have access to tech support at your company, you must consult with them before you attempt to do this yourself. I haven’t tried this myself , so proceed with caution!

How is you’re experience with IE 10? Do you have any solutions to share?

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