Dragon Dictation tap and dictate button

Just tap and dictate to type a message with Dragon Dictation

Whether you’re looking for a job or you’re looking for the perfect person to fill a job, you’re probably attached to a mobile device pretty much all of the time. As IT recruiters, we often travel to client sites and commute to multiple locations in one day. No matter where we are – the train, our car, a taxi – we need to keep up with our texts and emails.

As good citizens we abide by the rules and keep our smartphones away from our hands while driving. However, that does not mean that we still don’t have a million emails and text messages to send to both our clients and candidates.

We all need a way to speed up our text messaging and emails. That’s why I recommend using a voice-to-text mobile app that can really speed up texting and emailing with your phone.

Dragon Dictation is a free app that allows you to speak into the application, then it creates and edits your message. Essentially, you talk and it types for you. This s especially useful for those of us who are not good at typing on phones but have lengthy emails to send at a time when we only have access to our mobile device.

Using Dragon Dictation

Using Dragon Dictation is easy, but unfortunately you still need to tap your phone to launch the application and send your message. So I wouldn’t recommend using it while you’re actually behind the wheel driving. However, it will significantly speed up your communications when you pull over. According to the developers of the Dragon apps, voice-recording is about five times faster than typing on that tiny keyboard.

Screen captures of launching Dragon Dicatation

Launch Dragon Dictation with your voice and record your message.

Using Dragon Dictation on your iPhone

Dragon converts your speech to text. Then tap an icon to send your message.

How to get Dragon Dictation

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