Chase, examination, exploration, fishing, frisking, hunt, inspection, pursuing, rummage, shakedown. What do these words have in common? According to my thesaurus they are synonyms for the word, “search.”

As a recruiter, I have become obsessed with words. I want to know every synonym, abbreviation and alternative spelling of every single word possible. I read the word of the day on my home screen and I have my online thesaurus saved in my favourites.

Cute little nerd

Why have I become so fanatical about words? It isn’t so I can sound pretentious, pompous, ostentatious or showy (See, I just used my thesaurus). It is so I can find the people I’m looking for!

The Importance of Keywords

A recruiter’s success is largely driven by keywords. Keywords are predefined identifiers that direct your search. Recruiter’s conduct searches by carefully selecting keywords that we believe our target candidate is likely to use when posting their information online. Therefore, keywords can make or break our search. The more words I know – the more likely I am to find my target candidate.

However, as a recruiter our time is pressed. I don’t always have the time to sit around and learn every synonym for a word before I conduct my search. So what do I do? I use the tilde ~ command!

Tilde Command on Google

The tilde ~ command is used on Google to identify other words associated with your keyword. When I am searching for a keyword if I put the command ~ before my word, Google will produce results with my original keyword and words associated with that keyword. This helps expand my search results and helps me find keywords I may have not thought of myself.

For example if I type in ~developer to Google, it produces results with the word java, software, java software, develop, dev, development, programming and design.

Other Online Resources 

If you are looking for a few online “word” websites to add to your favourites, here are some of my favourites:

Come back next week to learn about the define command on Google.


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