We’re seeing more demand for Ruby developers here at Stafflink. If you’re looking to hire Ruby programmers, or you’re considering Ruby on Rails as a web development platform, here’s the lowdown.

Ruby on Rails is Hot

  • Popular web applications build with Ruby on Rails

    Successful web applications built with Ruby on Rails

    Popular Web apps built with Rails: Basecamp, Twitter, Hulu, Groupon, Git-Hub, Shopify, Yellow Pages, Guitar Hero

  • Ruby is the 2nd top language  listed on Github right after Javascript
  • Rails the number two hot search on jobs.github.com after PHP (PHP, Rails, Python, JavaScript, Scala, Android, iOS, Linux)
  • Ruby is 11th on the Tiobe index of most popular programming languages

In a nutshell…

Ruby on Rails is a development framework based on the Ruby programming language that enables rapid development of dynamic web applications.

“The beauty of Ruby is found in its balance between simplicity and power.” – TryRuby.org

The Ruby programming language was created in 1993 by Yukihiro Matsumoto, commonly known as ‘Matz’. But Rudy didn’t really take off until 2004 when David Heinemeier Hansson developed Ruby on Rails to build Basecamp.

Developers enjoy working with Ruby because…

  • the language is readable, elegant and concise which makes it relatively easy to pick up
  • it saves time because it easy for developers to get up to speed with existing Rails projects
  • its a free and open source
  • cross platform compatibility

Rails is great for building web applications because…

  • Logo for the Ruby Programming Language
    COC (Convention over Configuration) which reduces the amount of code that needs to be written and makes it easier for developers to move between different Rails projects
  • REST (Representational State Transfer) – this is a style of software architecture that enables applications to be easily opens as an API (Application Programming Interface)
  • The Rails community advocates Agile development which is a group of software development methods used to encourage effective communications between developers and clients
  • DRY – the Don’t Repeat Yourself maxim is widely adopted by the Rails community
  • Offers a middle ground alternative development platform to PHP  or Java based frameworks

Potential Drawbacks with Ruby on Rails

  • Rails is more resource intensive platform compared to platforms based on PHP so finding a lowcost Rails-friendly web host is more difficult. One solution is to use a VPS (Virtual Private Server) or to go with a Rails-friendly host like Heroku and EngineYard. Or get a Rails Developer to set us a VPS (Virtual Private Server) for you
  • It’s relativedly new. Ruby is not as established as PHP or Java.

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