Back in December, I did a post on how Steve Jobs planned to tackle textbooks next on his list of things he wanted to put his magic touch on. Now, Apple has carried out Steve’s dream.

Sparing kids the unbearable weight of textbooks in their backpacks, in January, Apple announced iBooks textbooks for iPad.

Why iBooks Are Useful

iBooks textbooks for iPad

  • No more heavy textbooks! All you need is the iPad
  • Textbooks can be easily downloaded and updated whenever newer versions come out
  • No need to worry about returning books

What You Can Do with iBooks

No longer a 2D medium, iBooks are:
  • Interactive: don’t just read the text -get into it!
  • Images and animations bring learning to life with multi-touch technology: Zoom in, zoom out, view images in 3D, rotate them around with the touch of your finger
  • Highlight and take notes right on the iPad
  • Make instant study cards: One of the neatest things about the iBooks – all your notes and highlights instantly become study cards. Flip them over for definitions, or the notes attached to highlights. Shuffle the cards to study. Wish this was available when I was in school. Think of all the time this must save!

iPads are already being used in classrooms around the world, and Apple is hoping that iBooks serve to update the learning experience for kids. Partnered with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, McGraw Hill, and Pearson (which supply over 90% of K-12 content), Apple has created multitouch textbooks available now from the iBookstore. These interactive textbooks are accessible using a free iPad app, and cost approximately $14.99.

Are your kids using iPads in the classroom yet? Are they ‘kid friendly’ enough? What do you and your children think of them?


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