Get Found...Get Hired! With your e-resume blog portfolio site

A blog portfolio is a great way to get found and get hired on the IT job market.

A blog portfolio website is one of the best ways to standout in the IT job market. It’s kind of like an e-resume. Only way better. Because it’s more than just a list of your jobs and education. A blog portfolio is a testament to your passion for your work. And it’s much easier to build than you might think.

If you’ve never build a website before, is the place to set up your first blog portfolio website. They give you a website, a  domain and a large selection of website templates to choose from. All for free!

How do Blog Portfolios attract job offers?

Stafflink is an IT recruiting company in Toronto. When we’re recruiting IT specialists, we occassionally come across job candidates that have created blog-portfolio sites that are like job offer magnets. Some of them have a page dedicated to connecting with people that want to hire them.

You can see an example of one of these websites in You Dot Com: Find Work with a Blog Portfolio.

Recruiters like blog portfolio sites

Blog portfolio sites stand out to our recruiters because it takes a lot of commitment to put one of these sites together and maintain it over time. It’s so refreshing to see a person’s work history and skills presented in a format other than a traditional resume. It gives us a multidimensional appreciation for this person’s approach to work, and the depth of their experience.

I’ve seen so many great blog portfolios created with Here’s a great one by Anatoly Spektor from Toronto, Ontario. He created  with and the Bueno theme.

Anatoly Spektor from Toronto created My Programming Blogy

This blog-portfolio website was created by Anatoly Spector on

You can create a blog portfolio site too!

If this is your first website, you are probably best off to start on like Anatoly Spector did with My Programming Blog.

Two kinds of WordPress – WordPress.COM and WordPress.ORG is a great place to publish your first blog-portfolio

Publish your first blog-portfolio website with

If you find this stuff is confusing – no worries. All you really need to know is that WordPress.COM is the one you want to use for your first website.

  • Use if you want to build a simple website with minimal interaction with the gobbledygook of code and webhosting
  • Use if you are willing to pay for a web host and you want more control over the backend of your website.

Do you know of a great blog portfolio site?

Please share the link with us in the comments. Especially if it’s your own blog portfolio website!

What do you think? Is it worth the work to put together a blog portfolio website if you are looking for a job in IT?

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